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Shooting Practice


Beginner Level(s)

Take the first step on the path of being a prepared and confident shooter! Learn the basic fundamentals of accuracy and precision as a shooter of any firearm. With multiple shooting courses designed to elevate your skills, we can help guide you to becoming a better shooter!


Intermediate Level(s)

There is and always will be evil in the world and unfortunately simply owning a gun is not always enough to ward off attackers. Our Defensive Shooting Techniques courses offer thorough lessons designed to enhance your confidence and your ability to protect you and your loved ones!


All Levels

As a former U.S Marine Marksmanship Coach and an Armed Forces Competition Three-Gun Team Instructor, our business owner personally took on the responsibility of designing our Competitive Shooting Program (CSP). With dedicated experience and proven results, our Competitive Shooting Program offers multiple classes that are perfect for any level shooter.

Shooting Target
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Beginner Level(s)

Safety is and always will be the number one rule when it comes to firearms. Being a new gun owner and/or a first time shooter is immensely overwhelming to a lot of people. These are NOT toys. Take our shooter safety courses to gain the knowledge needed to ensure your safety and those around you.


Intermediate Level(s)

With a staff of Veterans, our Casualty Care & Medic Courses are lead by a Navy Corpsman who obtained good experience from bad circumstances. These courses are designed to prepare you for the worst case scenario to help you control the outcome of any situation.


All Levels

The only thing worse than having to fight for your life during a home invasion, is having to fight for your life afterwards for defending your family. Our State Law Awareness courses help you understand the Do's and Don'ts of self defense and defense of others. Our courses cover everything from Castle Doctrine to Stand your Ground Laws and are updated annually.

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